Our company's mission is to directly supply our customers the highest quality corn husks at reasonable prices.

By working closely with Mexican producers we are able to import the highest quality corn husks (hoja de maize para tamal) available. We begin by selecting the best husks and then we carefully sort, dry, process and stack these leaves into a large bale or paca of  "enconchada primera."

With a warehouse in Dallas, Texas our corn husks are conveniently available on short notice at reasonable prices throughout the year.

Our corn husks are packaged in a large banded and netted bale containing 33 lbs. of enconchada primera when packed. Then we send them directly to you, freight included for only $149.00 (lower 48 states). Standard delivery is approximately 3-4 days by common carrier. Special or rush orders are available upon request. No order is too small or too large.

No complications to increase costs and slow down delivery.

Please call, fax or email for more details on our corn husks and a price quote to your zip code.


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